About Us

The first question that many may have is obvious: what does Quantum Mottle mean? It is not something that is commonly heard in everyday conversation, but, rather, it is a radiographic term used to denote the black, white, and gray speckles, or noise, on an x-ray. So, what significance does the name Quantum Mottle have with clothing, you ask? The answer is two fold.


Quantum Mottle LLC. was founded by its owner, Meagan Daye. Meagan was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas, where she attended Covenant School of Radiology where she became certified as a Radiologic Technologist, a career that Ms. Daye has been nothing short of passionate about and the field which first exposed her to the world of Quantum Mottle. Ironically enough, it was these same blacks, whites, and grays that found their way into Meagan’s own flawless fashion, an area of life that she is equally passionate about. It therefore came as no surprise to the people around her when these two worlds collided and became the brainchild for the boutique now known as Quantum Mottle.


The Quantum Mottle brand is a curated line of women’s clothing in its namesake hues of black, white and gray, though it’s known to flirt with the occasional pop of color. It is within these parameters that Meagan sought to create a boutique that carries fashionable options not just for herself, but ones that would satisfy the needs of all women. You’ll therefore find Quantum Mottle to be your shop of choice for clothing that is classic, contemporary, minimalistic, and sexy, whether you’re a size 00 or a size 24. You’ll also be spoiled with a variety of exclusive jewelry, clutches and accessories. So go ahead and have a look around, we know you’ll find something that makes you feel beautiful. #likeamottle.
The Quantum Mottle headquarters are in Austin, Texas. Be sure to follow along on social media to find our pop ups at locations and events around our very own Live Music Capitol of the World.